GSoC Meetup October 2016

Interact with former GSoC Partitipants

GSOC 16' with jQuery Foundation.

Submitted by Arjun (@arjunkathuria) on Oct 7, 2016

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


A brief go-over of my GSOC project this summer, followed by general wisdom(getting started, expectations, challenges) and questions.


I will take audience on a peek-all-you-can tour on what it means to be a part of GSOC. Demonstrating my project, highlighting the often neglected yet crucial aspects that make for a successful project.
How the audience can get started and build from there.


a workable of knowledge of javascript would be nice to have.

Speaker bio

javaScript developer, open-Source Enthusiast, GSOC ‘16 @ jQuery foundation.


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